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Cool memories

I know many of you have seen compillations of classic cartoons, but I liked this one since it also injected several of the classic games/cereals/toys we grew up with.  Some like the dynamite shack I had completely forgotton, like the SST racers, the Funny Face (koolaid) drinks, and others.  They should have stuck the Major Matt Mason action playset in there somewhere...   Enjoy.
And remind our kids cartoons used to only be on Saturdays, and maybe for an hour or so in the afternoon if you got Mr. Zing and Tuffy, or Uncle Zeb's Cartoon Camp....  "I'll be lookin' fer yah!"

Monster Farm!

I have never seen this show before. I kinda want to watch it just because it looks random :)

Looking for a cartoon

Hey people, I dunno if anyone's still here, but this cartoon has been really bugging me lately, so I'm giving it a go.

I think it was set in a post-apocalyptic world, or maybe there were different realms and some of them were fairly destroyed. It was a long time ago when I watched it, but I do seem to remember the main character entering a different realm at least once.
There were, I think, three main villains. The primary one was your classical big hulking evil overlord and he had this black horse whom the main character tried to save at some point. The other two villains were female, evil witch types, though one of them didn't show up until later. There was also a gang of goblins or demons or somesuch. I think they followed around one of the witches (though they might've helped the overlord too), but eventually went over to the other witch's side (the two of them didn't get along). I remember one of the goblin-things, a green one, getting enlarged by the second witch and then he flew around with others on his back and breathed fire.
As for the main character himself, I don't remember that much about him. He was special somehow - the local dub at least called him Starchild - and he had a sidekick who was a flying worm with magical powers.
I do remember a plotline where the world had been divided into four races - black, red, yellow, white - who were actually coloured like that. Starchild had to unite them into one people again, but they didn't take to the idea at first. I quite clearly recall an argument about what colour is blood. But then the worm did some magic and that plot was fixed then.


The Halloween Tree

It's that time of year again.

Earthworm Jim

 Jim - the BEST! 

The Railway Dragon!

I saw in the other post somebody had mentioned 'Puff' and it had brought this to mind (I had the two movies on the same VHS heh. anybody else remember doing that with the old 8 hour tapes?)

From 1989! Anybody else feeling old? Because I do!

Anyways bad quality but lovely memories :)

Looking for A Cartoon Again (x-posted)

I ask this just about every year online and I still can't find it:
There was this cartoon I use to watch on a bootleg tape along with Puff The Magic Dragon.
Since I was born in the 80's I'm almost sure it had to be from the 70's.
All I remember is a man adopts a dog (I'm not sure if he is a puppy or not) who is very smart and can talk (or at least he is the narrator of the cartoon) and tries to teach him to do tricks and do other dog-like things. The dog doesn't want to be treated like a dog at all and walks on two legs and keeps saying how stupid the man is . The dog the keeps getting the man hurt again and again doing everyday things like changing a lightbulb (I think).
In the end the dog 'adopts' the little baby boy of the family and dances off into the sunset with him saying "At least there's still hope for the little one."

Does anyone know the name of this cartoon? I think it might have been made in the UK I remember the accent clearly...

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