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Toon Memories

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Remember those shows we watched when we were kids? Would you like to reminisce?
This is a place for those who have grown up on Saturday morning cartoons, singing along to those ever catchy theme songs, playing with g.i. joe action figures, and wearing ninja turtle underwear!

Now that we live in an age with countless resources available to us on the internet, we have the tools to reminisce about days (and cartoons) gone by. Found a video on the internet of a show you almost forgot about? Found the audio to a theme song you've had stuck in your head for 20-30 years? Have some old merch kicking around in your storage closet? Share it here!

Rules of this Community:

You can post icons, links, embedded videos, photographs, stories, or anything you find that you'd like to share with the rest of us! However, to be fair to everyone, some rules are going to have to apply.

1. This is mandatory for all posts! If you are posting large or multiple images, multiple videos, or writing a lengthy reminiscent story, please post it behind an lj-cut. We don't want to make our friend-pages scrolling hell-holes.
*NOTE: Posting a single video and/or one small image is fine, and doesn't need an lj-cut :)

2. Found a funny parody of one of your childhood shows? Have a great story to tell? Is it offensive? Make sure you post all offensive and derogatory material behind an lj-cut labeled NSFW (Not Safe For Work) for those of us who would rather not see it, or get in trouble on the job.

3. No fighting, name-calling, eye-gouging...you know the drill. We're all adults here, right? Even so, if you feel you have been unfairly treated by a fellow community member, please report it to a moderator (see below), and explain the problem. Consequently, rule breakers will be banned from this community.

4. Stay on topic! This isn't a community to talk about latest fashion trends or what you ate for dinner last night. Please stay true to the community :)

Don't know how to post images, do lj-cuts, etc. ? Please visit the Livejournal FAQ, or visit these links:

How to make an LJ-Cut
How to post a link
How to post an image
How to embed video media

Special Events:

Bad Toon Tuesday - Every Tuesday you can post and discuss all your least favourite memories! You can rant and rave to your heart's content (as long as you keep civilities between other community members, that is). Shows you thought were horribly executed, animated, or designed. Characters you despised. Horrible voice acting or music. Things that might have haunted you for years!

Muppet Thursday - Muppets were a staple of many people's lives back in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Post everything and anything related to Jim Henson and his amazing creations!

Related Links:

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Classic Nick Shows - An archival forum dedicated to all of your favourite Nickelodeon Toons!

SurfTheChannel - Has tons of tv shows, current and old.

Retro Junk - A retrospective website dedicated to retro pop culture.

Toonopedia - "A Vast Repository of Toonical Knowledge"

YouTube - a great place to start finding childhood tv shows!

DailyMotion - full of mostly current content, including tv shows, and user generated videos.

Video Detective - has advertisements, but works pretty well for finding videos of old and recent tv shows and movies.

John K Stuff - blog of the creator of Ren and Stimpy, he writes extensively on the techniques used in classical animation. He also posts some really great pictures from some old classics, including his own work!

Questions/Comments/Suggestions? Please contact any of these community moderators.

feebsicle - comment in her journal post here.

synergy - synergybc (at) livejournal (dot) com

_madam_mina_ - please comment in her journal post here.

ruby_c_took - ruby_c_took (at) livejournal (dot) com

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